Saturday, 28 June 2008

Zaruhi Postanjyan: Woman of The Year, MP of The Year, The Best European in Armenia

*Zaruhi Postanjian, MP from opposition Heritage party, receiving “The Best European” award in Armenia, for her contribution to the process of country's European integration, from (ironically!) ex Foreign Minister Vardan Oskanian. (Photo via

There is even more irony in that award ceremony conducted by “European Movement Armenia” – ‘European of The Year’ award recipients include also speaker of the Armenian parliament Tigran Torosyan (!) and former fake oppositionist, current head of the National Security Council Arthur Baghdasaryan. As Hraparak mentions, apparently there is no lack of ‘Europeans’ in Armenia, all we need now is... European values. If it is not for Zaruhi Postanjyan, the whole award ceremony could be easily turned into a big mockery.

Completely agree with Hraparak that Zaruhi Postanjyan deserves being called not only “The Best European”, but also the MP of The Year. I would also add that for me Zaruhi Postanjyan is also Woman of The Year in Armenia.

She is the best example as how Armenian parliamentarian should behave. She was instrumental in protecting human rights of Armenian citizens during government’s violent crackdown on opposition movement following disputed presidential elections in February 2008. She was out there, 24/7, at police stations, court hearings, endless meetings here and there, to provide legal support for detainees, political prisoners during what I would consider the worst human rights crisis in modern Armenian history.

Keep up your good work, Zaruhi! You are the best!


Anonymous said...

She is a perfect example of the progressive mindset and mentality of our nation. But they are trying to drag us to the Asian one.

nazarian said...

If there was anything like Time magazine's 'person of the year', this year's person of the year would be 'Women in Armenia'.

artmika said...

I can't agree with you more!

Anonymous said...

I have a lot of respect for her, she is doing great work!

me said...

If every MP worked the way the Heritage ones do, Armenia would be a much better place.

Anonymous said...

Za-ru-hi Na-kha-gah! :)))

p.s. check out the expression on
OSganian's face

Anonymous said...

Dear Artmika,

Thank you very much for your comment. I also very much welcome your political engagement.
However I would like to inform you that the "Best European Contribution of the Year" Award ceremony is a pan-European event, not only for Armenia and I can not see any irony that the award winners are different, some are not in your political taste and it is normal.
Also please note that Mr. Oskanyan is a honorory member of the European Movement, besids of beeing the former FM.

Good luck