Friday, 17 October 2008

‘Time out’: Armenia opposition leader Ter-Petrosyan calls off street protests

Ter-Petrosyan speech in full (in English)
RFE/RL report on the rally

I have an impression that this decision was made via some behind the door mediations, and may constitute a part of the deal. In any case, I hope that the opposition will use this hiatus to strengthen its organisational potential, and perhaps come up with the previously discussed UK–style shadow cabinet or other new ideas. They could not carry on like this any longer. I also hope that Armenian authorities would be wise enough to use this hiatus to sort out internal matters (release of political prisoners, March 1 inquiry, electronic media freedom...). Only strong democratic Armenia with healed internal wounds would be able to respond to external challenges.

P.S. It’s very telling that government-controlled Public TV’s main information programme Haylur was pretty objective and even sort of sympathetic (for the first time) in its report from the opposition rally tonight.


Haik said...

No behind doors deal mate. When things come to loss of a country no politics or deals can do.
If such a document is signed by SS we will go back to pre 1988 situation and put a burden on our kids to fight it back and face the hardship of 20 years as we did.
No deal behind the doors, just giving a chance to avoid bloodshed and loss of another 20+ years.
I will personally recognize SS as a president, a very hard thing to do, if that will save a single soul.
I hope and only hope that SS will have the maturity to listen and not gamble our small countries away.

ara said...

Over the past few months people finally woke up and realized that they don't want to be fooled once more by this low life (LTP) and LTP realized that his lies and deceit no longer work with the masses, so he's decided to walk away from his hate mongering, divisive and selfish power grabbing agenda. He will not be missed one bit and this opens up the way for constructive, uncorrupt and a more honest politicians to step forward and fill the vacuum of opposition which is very much necessary in Armenia.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say there's a behind doors deal, but clearly there a some calculations behind this.
Most probably the opposition thinks that SS will give up Karabakh (or at least the "liberated territories"), and after that it will be easier to topple him for 2 reasons:
1. more or less ideologically motivated people who supported him because they thought Levon was going to sell Karabakh will abandon SS,
(including the Karabakhtsis themselves)
2. the West won't need SS any more, as soon as he signs the deal.
They will let throw him out, as they did with Milosevich, after they got from him all they needed in Dayton.

Besides, opposition probably thinks that in this case, they won't have to deal with Karabakh after they come to power, and they won't have to take the blame for the unavoidable concessions.

I know it sounds cinical, but I guess that's how it is.
On March 1 we lost more than a battle for democracy, we also lost Karabakh, and there's nothing we can do about it now.

a pessimist-realist

emma said...

A clever leader deserves clever people or vice versa. Yesterday was one of the rare moments when you could be proud of being Armenian. It's a pity many of you weren't there.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't there but I am proud. Hopefully for the last time, LTP left the stage. Enough of his poison, anti-Armenianism and hijacking of the opposition.

Now the country can be free of this shyster who robbed the country blind once, and then attempted to hide behind the cloak of democracy.

Levon is a fraud and a failure. Byebye.

me said...

"hijacking of the opposition."
What "opposition" exactly did Levon "hijack?" The one that consists of Artashes Dhol Geghamyan, Vazgen Idiot Manukyan, AXQ, and old friend Vahan? You're kidding, right?

And the "anti-Armenianism" comment is just the cherry on that sh*tcake.

Whatever machinations you think went on behind the scenes, and whatever else you think of him, LTP once again demonstrated, as he's done throughout his public career, that he always acts in Gharabagh's interests in mind. You can spin it all you want, but the truth is right in front of you.

spm said...

Hayk, I hope there is a deal. Otherwise it is just a defeat, no matter how you color it. I understand it is not easy to fight against state machine, I understand the fight in its current way with winter approaching is fruitless, but giving up after 10 people are dead and 100 in prison would be wrong. I hope there is a deal, the guys will get out of prison and LTP assumes some sort of behind the scenes advisory.

Haik said...

I think you didn't listen/read his speech carefully enough.

By the way many pro-bandidocracy people think that Levon Ter-Petrossian suspended the movement. This is not true how much they wish. He only suspended the demos and rallies. After 3 months we will rallies bigger than that of last 10 days of February.

Anonymous said...

The last stage of any movement is always "decline" regardless of success or failure.

artmika said...

Armenia: Is this the light at the end of the tunnel?