Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Video evidence of violence and bullying in Azerbaijani army

Power of YouTube

This should serve as a lesson to the Armenian army officials too: if you do not want to see similar videos from Armenia on YouTube or other internet sites, deal with the problem of bullying and violence in the Army NOW.

Is there violence in the Azerbaijani army? - VIDEO

It is seen from the material that the newly recruited are beaten by other soldiers.

After this video material about possible fact of violence in the Azerbaijani army appeared, the Defense Ministry held its own investigation.

Spokesman for Azerbaijani Defense Ministry Eldar Sabiroghlu said commenting on the fact that investigation revealed no such incidents inside the Azerbaijani army.

"This is a smeary provocation against the army. This video tape is a "good" play. It seems that by wearing the military uniform and recording this on the cell phone, someone tried to create a material about violence in the army. I do not think that those who recorded it and those who posted it on the website are people, who love the Azerbaijani army", said Sabiroghlu.

The spokesman noted that if this really happened, a person, who recorded this video, should have presented it directly to the Defense Ministry. He said if the defense ministry has not reacted to it, they would have been right to post this tape for public review.

Sabiroghlu announced that it is currently not late to appeal to the Defense Ministry, if there are real facts and proofs.

"It seems that someone benefits from the provocation against the army in order to create a negative image of it. It is possible to say that violence in the army has almost been eliminated and the Ministry is operatively reacting and eliminating the problem in any negative case. It is impossible to conceal anything in Azerbaijan and if it was real, the people would have long been informed about his fact. The website, on which this material has been posted, is free and everyone can post any material on it and the authors of the provocation used it against the Azerbaijani army", said Sabiroghlu.


parisan said...

The victims of March 1st were not people, but piglets, and here the young men suffering a beating are not soldiers, but actors.

And the bail-out of Wall Str. is really a rescue plan for Main Str. (and not an act of class warfare)!

Julien Pain said...

I'm a journalist at the citizen web site I'd like to talk to you about that video. Can you contact me at jpain AT ?
Julien Pain

Onnik Krikorian said...

Julien, I didn't mean contact this site as it is simply re-posting something posted on YouTube. I mean actually contact the source. Click on the video away from the "play" icon and you'll go to the original page.

artmika said...

Yes, Julien, unfortunately I do not know any more than what I posted here.

As far as I understand, the very initial source of the video to appear on YouTube is at

Onnik Krikorian said...

France 24 / The Observers

Amateur video of abuse in the Azerbaijani army: a fake?

Vidéo amateur montrant des brutalités dans l’armée azérie. Un faux ?

Anonymous said...

Looks pretty real to me.
And how can they deny violence in the Azxeri army? Can anyone deny violence in Armenian army? No. The rule is if you're new you get your ass kicked on a regular basis, unless you have someone's backing inside.If you're strong you survive and wait for your turn to beat others. Pretty straightforward.

artmika said...

Confirmed: Video on bullying in Azerbaijani army is genuine, "heroes" of videotape arrested