Saturday, 22 November 2008

“Christmas Gloom” in London: “buy one, get one free” for cars

Although by external appearance it’s Christmas time in London, TV headlines related to Christmas carried out under the depressing “Christmas Gloom”. This relates to the current economic situation when credit crunch forcing shoppers to cut their Christmas spending. High street shops and other retailers are doing whatever they can to attract shoppers inside. This, of course, means sales and various offers as shops battle for your cash. The most amazing one I saw on Sky News today. A car retailer started selling cars as “buy one, get one free” (do not remember brand, priced around under £ 8000). May be it happened in past too, but I never seen anything like this before, in relation to cars.


Ani said...

Something very similar is happening in the U.S., but the difference shows that the U.S. is still a firmly capitalist country:

Buy a Car, Get One for $1

You may have seen the commercial from the Crain Automotive Team. It says if you buy a 2008 Dodge Ram, you can get a new car for just one dollar. During these tough economic times is this deal good enough to lure customers onto the lot?
Crain's one of several dealerships across the country offering a buy one, get one for a dollar car deal right now.
(and I highly doubt the Dodge Ram is even available in Britain!!)

artmika said...

hilarious difference :)

Ani said...

Incidentally, just in case you were wondering (like I was) how that Dodge Ram does with its fuel "economy":

Dodge Ram 1500
Miles-per-gallon city/highway: 9/11

They're the biggest "turkeys" in America right now...

nazarian said...

I saw a report of 'buy 1, get 1 free' houses in California. Buy a $2 million McMansion and get a $400,000 condo free.

In a month of offering the deal, there had not been any takers yet.