Saturday, 1 November 2008

Disappointment: Armenian opposition’s fact finding mission nominee

Opposition Armenian National Congress and the Heritage Party issued a statement today (also here) that they will participate in fact finding mission to investigate 1 March events. However, they stated reservations and pledged to re-assess their participation in a month time.

Personnel policy was one of the weakest sides of Ter-Petrosyan administration during his presidency. That was one of the reasons of subsequent disappointment of many of his supporters. I thought that they learned from their own mistakes, and professionalism will be put forward in any further considerations. I know less and cannot comment about Seda Safaryan (parliamentarian opposition Heritage party nominee). However, appointment of Andranik Kocharyan as opposition Armenian National Congress’s nominee for fact finding mission is a troubling sign. Is this the alternative to the current authorities that the opposition promises us?

Andranik Kocharyan was never famous neither for his professional qualities nor personal qualities while serving at various governmental levels in past. If he is the opposition’s choice for fact finding mission to investigate 1 March events, then there is something very wrong with that opposition. They should not then put the blame solely on the authorities for the possible failure of that mission. Disappointing altogether.


Anonymous said...

Where does this pessimism come from? Who is Andranik Kocharian?

Anonymous said...

Not sure if my last comment went through with this new Blogger commenting system. Anyway, it's surely Stepan Safaryan and if that's the case I've only come away with good impressions on the times I've met and spoken with him.

Anonymous said...

There is no clue of what kind of person is Andranik Kocharyan. He was the one who, after October 27, represented a list of next prime minister and ministers to be appointed in cabinet to the president Kocharyan. That's the only think he is famous for.

artmika said...

Re Heritage party nominee, it's Seda Safaryan, not Stepan. She is lawyer (attorney). I do not know if Seda and Stepan are related.

P.S. Onnik, your previous comment did not went through, perhaps due to technical issues re new comenting way. I experienced some problems too, so decided to turn back to the old commenting system for now.

artmika said...

As to Andranik Kocharyan, he is ‘famous’ of more, less prominent things too. Unfortunately, I cannot provide more details as I do not have links to support my opinion. Consider this as my general perception of his work at various levels in past.

Ankakh_Hayastan said...

I think taking part in this so called commission is a mistake. The best ways to bury an issue and distract attention is to investigate it through a commission.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Mika. First, let me just say this for all to know, the comment didn't go through because of what looked like a weird thing happening when I pressed the return key.

For all those reading this, I cannot but highly commend him for something rare in the Armenian media and blogs -- true freedom of speech and democratic/human rights values online.

Secondly, okay, confused by the reference re. parliamentarian and Safaryan. Regardless, Heritage seem to be more clued up than most. As for Kocharyan, is he the former fief (dom) from the earthquake region?

Anyways, as usual, we may personally disagree on many things re. political figures in Armenia, but the core purpose of this discussion we do see eye to eye on.

Actually, that's all that should matter. As someone said (I forget who), politicians are like dirty socks. They should be changed REGULARLY!!!

Haik said...

HAK and Zharangutyun recognize that it is an illegal and undemocratic group but still decide to take part for conditional 1.5 months. I think this is ridicules. Taking part in such a venture even if it only one hour is not enough or legitimizing it or becoming part of an illegal business.
The Armenian version o the press release can be read and discussed here: