Monday, 24 November 2008

Rock Aid Armenia - Smoke on the water

I cannot believe I had no idea about this music project. Just found the link to this YouTube video via Propeller.

Must see!

“This was a joint humanitarian effort by an elite group of musicians who gathered at Metropolis Studios in Chiswick, London on July 8, 1989 for a project to raise money to help those affected by the Leninakan [Gyumri] Earthquake of 1988 that struck Armenia. Bryan Adams, Ritchie Blackmore, Bruce Dickinson, Keith Emerson, Ian Gillan, David Gilmour, John Paul Jones, Tony Iommi, Alex Lifeson, Jon Lord, Brian May, Adrian Smith, Paul Rodgers, Chris Squire and Roger Taylor.”


Onnik Krikorian said...

I still have the 12" single in England. There was an album, but I didn't get that.

Apparently Ian Gillan even performed in Armenia in 1990.

There's a video of Gillan live on YouTube and someone has left a comment saying it's from Yerevan.

However, YouTube has gone weird on me and I can't check it out to see if it is or not.

artmika said...

Just watched it. Difficult to judge whether it's from Yerevan concert or not. Still, great stuff. Thanks for the link.

nazarian said...

A buddy of mine had gone to Ian Gillan's concert in Yerevan. According to him, the audience was very enthusiastic about it.

You can still find the 'Aid Armenia' cassettes on eBay. No CD-s, though.