Monday, 5 January 2009

Alternative Christmas Message

There is this tradition in the UK. Since 1993, one of the main TV channels – Channel 4, each Christmas broadcasts an Alternative Christmas Message (formal one - by Queen). The “alternative message” is normally delivered by someone famous and controversial, be that celebrity or politician.

We do not have a tradition of Christmas message in Armenia, but we have New Year one by country’s president.

I would propose delivering this message to one of our political prisoners, or perhaps a prominent oppositionist and newspaper editor Nikol Pashinyan who is currently on the run and hiding following 1 March events. As we should not have political prisoners while celebrating Christmas. We should not have people who are in hiding because justifiably they do not trust our legal system and courts.

And to all readers of my blogs who celebrate Armenian Christmas (and to those who do not), have no doubts, no matter what anyone says - You Are Beautiful!

Merry Christmas!!

P.S. And one more thing. We can’t have Christmas without good old animation. Here is the perfect one, in a true spirit of Christmas.

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