Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Armenia: not PACE but real humiliations (my top 3)

There were endless statements over the past few weeks that voting at the PACE to deprive Armenian delegation of voting rights is a “humiliation” for our country. Well, we are now escaped that “humiliation” for at least 2 more months. PACE has just voted to come back to Armenia’s implementation of its obligations at its April session. But did we escape from real humiliation? I do not think so. PACE is not a right place to look at for “humiliation”.

I am not mentioning here broader issues like no free elections, state of human rights in general and so on.

Here are real humiliations which Armenia faces currently (my top 3):

1. Existence of political prisoners
2. Armenian parliament
3. Lack of independent TV station (with nation-wide coverage)

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artmika said...

A third PACE resolution, adopted January 27, extended the organization’s deadline for Armenia’s compliance with democratization mandates until April. "It was important that Armenian colleagues understand that the Assembly sought to integrate Armenia into the community of values to which it had chosen to belong, and not simply to criticize," said PACE President Lluís Maria de Puig.




PACE press release