Thursday, 29 January 2009

Armenia’s ruling Republican party leader blasts Europe... comparing 1 March events to World War II

As if ruling Republican party's parliamentary leader Galust Sahakyan's previous comments were not enough ("Another HHK leader, Galust Sahakian, caused a stir last month by stating that Armenia could join organizations uniting Islamic nations if it is punished by the PACE"), here is another 'masterpiece' from the deputy chairman of that party. He compares 1 March events in Yerevan with that of World War II to 'justify' that Europe "has no moral right" to teach human rights lessons to Armenia. Truly, from ridiculous to more ridiculous.


Europe has no moral right to teach Armenia lessons on democracy and human rights because values espoused by it were responsible for the World War II and Nazi crimes against humanity, a deputy chairman of the ruling Republican Party (HHK) said on Thursday.

Razmik Zohrabian made the blistering attack as he commented on pressure exerted on the Armenian authorities by the Council of Europe and its Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) over their deadly post-election crackdown on the opposition. In a resolution adopted this week, the PACE said dozens supporters of opposition leader Levon Ter-Petrosian “may have been charged and imprisoned for political motivations.”

“Because Armenia was not stripped of its [PACE] vote, I don’t want to criticize the assembly in strong terms now,” Zohrabian told RFE/RL in an interview. “But we must not forget that when they teach us lessons on human rights and freedoms and cite European values, we can recall what happened during the World War II in Europe. People were even burned and buried alive there. Was that also part of the European values or it is not part of the history?”

“So when there were events here [in March 2008] that resulted in casualties, in terms of human rights, that is not as great a tragedy as a world war waged under European values,” he charged. “This is just one example. I can bring up more of them.” [...]


nazarian said...

Galust Sahakian is the Zhirinovsky of Armenia. Very rarely such colorful but retarded characters rise in the ranks of politics.

Anonymous said...

Lately you have too often provided me with my laugh-of-the-day moment, Mika. Sour laughs, that is. What an incredible idiots there are in this country. That in itself isn't the biggest problem: every country has them. In Armenian they are just way too attracted to microphones.

Haik said...

It's not only that. They are the government?