Sunday, 4 January 2009

Celebrity news – Chris Evans and Natasha Shishmanian

British golfer, journalist, writer and model Natasha Shishmanian of Armenian descent married BBC Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans in August 2007. Natasha is a daughter of British Armenian Aram Shishmanian, non-executive director of Resolution plc (UK insurance company) and board member of Britannic Group.

OK magazine reports that the couple’s first baby together is due in January. “Not one to remain tight-lipped about his life, Chris has been keeping his Radio 2 listeners in the picture – in the early days he said: “Mother and 6cm human are both officially rockin!”

The baby is Natasha’s first. Chris Evans has a 21-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

*photo – via BBC


Ani said...

Hmmm--I think we should all cheer really, really hard for the Armenian genes to win out! :)

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

If she leaned backwards, they could have the winter olympics on her chin. And his glasses mean that he says "snark" alot.

artmika said...

AP: 'After-dinner' son for Chris Evans and Natasha Shishmanian

Chris Evans and his wife Natasha Shishmanian have had a baby boy who has been named Noah, the BBC Radio 2 presenter has announced.

The proud father told of the news on his blog and posted pictures of the new arrival, whom he described as a "little belter".

Chris said: "I know everyone says that about their own but he really is a bit special."

He told how he and his wife enjoyed a last meal alone while she was in labour.

He said: "Tash was admitted into hospital last night, or at least checked into her room and then immediately declared that we go out for one last pre-Noah meal even though she happened to be in labour at the time.

"We went to the great Giorgio Locatelli's place. We laughed all the way through our dinner, what a way to kill the pain and suspense of labour - highly recommended."

He said the couple then returned to hospital and at 8.21am "out popped Noah Nicholas Martin Evans".

Chris continued: "There was a bit of a twist, in his case, his umbilical chord wrapped not once but twice around his neck, poor little fella, so mum did most of the pushing and then towards the end enjoyed a wee bit of help from a very nice man called Pat.

"I think I may love him, I know Tash definitely does."

He said of his newborn son: "I would also like to point out that he, so far, is the only one of the three of us, not to have cried!"

BBC reports the story too, so as The Sun which posted picture of Chris and Natasha with newly born baby Noah: "Most celebrity babies nowadays spend their first week under a blanket so as not to spoil an exclusive, big-money mag deal. But down-to-earth Chris and the missus chose to show off “little belter” Noah as they left Portland Hospital in Central London."

artmika said...

I can't understand why people think it's appropriate to detail their wife's miscarriages?...

Chris Evans: How an ectopic pregnancy almost killed my wife