Monday, 19 January 2009

Ermenilerle - With Armenians (new blog by Turkish guy who visited Armenia)

"well, i stayed in armenia long enough to write about it. if you ask “how long”, long enough: to be dialed as wrong number, by my armenia cellphone that can be had for free when you land to the airport.. to learn cafes/bars to go regularly.. to be stopped in the streets several times to be asked for adresses –perhaps this one has something to do with my “looking pretty like a hay (armenian)”; we’ll return to this one later. and the funny thing is, i stayed long enough to give an adress – yes, in yerevan, i replied the question “where’s l’orange cafe,” asked not by an ordinary person but a taxi driver , as “on tumanyan street”.

i stayed in hayastan (armenia) for 11 days. aiming at a minimum contribution to someones knowledge, i write here about my experience, observations and remainings in me.

turkish-armenian relations, as known, is a deep cut. may this one do some good.."

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