Friday, 20 February 2009

Yerevan-2 for Tbilisi?

Burjanadze Calls on Senior Officials to Defect from Saakashvili

Nino Burjanadze, former parliamentary speaker and leader of Democratic Movement–United Georgia party, called on senior political officials “to distance yourselves from the criminal government.”

“Your resignations would contribute to peaceful and safe completion of the current processes,” she said in a statement on February 19, referring to her calls for President Saakashvili’s resignation and holding of early presidential elections.

She also called on the public sector workers not to obey “dirty orders” of the authorities and instead to continue serving “only people and not the odd ambitions of President Saakashvili.”

“We believe that all the professionals and patriots should remain in the service of Georgia, irrespective of their political preferences. Only those civil servants should be held accountable who were involved in the criminal activities,” Burjanadze said.

On February 17 Burjanadze called on the opposition parties to “consolidate” and jointly pressure President Saakashvili to resign through protest rallies.

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