Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Yerevan, block 16

"Perestroika era abandoned plot"

Block 16
Yerevan, Armenia

A visually dramatic part of the city, where construction of a housing block was stopped during perestroika after it turned out that the quality of material being used was very poor.

*source: Abitare - international design magazine


Anonymous said...

Random but definitely cool.. wonder what it would have looked like now if it was completed, and how many more families would have been housed. Maybe those displaced by the Spitak Earthquake?

Ani said...

These buildings are shoddy and will be falling in the next earthquake, so I'd hope the displaced people wouldn't be living here.

nazarian said...

Are these the buildings in the Davidashen area right next to the highway to Ashtarak?

Anonymous said...

Ani.. I meant IF they weren't actually built with faulty material. If anyone has similar photos, please do post!

Anonymous said...

Nazarian, they are. They have been standing there quietly as long as I can remember, but in the past year I think work has started again on one or two buildings.

I doubt these buildings were meant to house people from the Earthquake Zone, because as far as I know there have't been any mass housing building projects (replacing housing lost in the earthquake) outside of the Earthquake Zone itself.

The picture is kind of cool, though. I pass the area quite often and I have often thought that this building site would be an interesting photo location.