Thursday, 5 March 2009

Armenia PM Tigran Sargsyan: Quotes of The Day

Excellent quotes. But... What we need now is to see these quotes transformed into reality.

RFE/RL: Prime Minister Tigran Sarkisian bemoaned Armenia’s culture of political intolerance on Thursday, warning that failure to “radically change this atmosphere” could lead to fresh politically motivated assassinations in the country. [...]

“It is the government and the authorities that are primarily responsible for the formation of an atmosphere of solidarity and cooperation for the simple reason that we have serious state levers to form that atmosphere,” he told ministers. “We must be tolerant. We must not burn bridges of cooperation,” added the prime minister.

Sarkisian did not specify just how the Armenian authorities should go about ending their year-long standoff with the country’s main opposition alliance led by former President Levon Ter-Petrosian. He recalled that he himself was a “representative of the radical opposition” during Ter-Petrosian’s presidency.

“I consider myself guilty of many things and I ask our political opponents to forgive our mistakes, my personal mistakes,” he said without elaboration. [...]


Ani said...

I was just scratching my head trying to understand that article. I wonder if he had in mind those articles you mentioned the other day? ;)

nazarian said...

Sheesh, the guy became the PM precisely because of intolerance. Intolerance of the highest degree which was the murder of the 10 people on March 1.

If he feels guilty, he needs to condemn the illegal actions of the ruling regime and the killings in particular and quit the premiership. Otherwise, it's just empty words and window dressing. At least Vahan Hovhannisian, another member of the banditocracy, had the balls to do precisely that.