Friday, 13 March 2009

Armenia: Satanists


Onnik Krikorian said...

Hmmm, do you really think these guys are "Satanists" or just teenage metal heads fascinated with the imagery associated with black metal.

Second question is where was this shown and will it now result in prejudice towards those with long hair, a leather jacket and any any "non-traditional" Armenian symbols on their shirts or around their necks?

Anyway, I find it a little ridiculous to call these people "Satanists." While I know many black metal fans, none are. The most extreme, perhaps, are those who instead are fascinated by Armenia's pagan past.

However, I see nothing wrong in that and it's all rather fascinating as a sub-culture.

artmika said...

My impression is that they are more like black metal fans than "Satanists" although that's how they call themselves.

This is from Special Report programme (prepared by Banadzev production company) normally aired on Public TV (H1).

Anonymous said...

Being an Armenian who is actually well-informed on true Satanism/Luciferianism, I have to says that these are rather harmless kids who have no clue as to what real Satanism is. They're just bored dimmu borgir fans who feel a little "grim" cause they're rebelling against their Armenian peers.

Once they mentioned "Anton LaVey", any form of validity in their statements was automatically voided. Real Satanism has nothing to do with Anton LaVey, the church of Satan, or cutting yourself. Just uninformed teenagers trying to feel different and rebel.

The Voice of Reason said...

Hm... let us observe the world of an emerging dichotomy between religious extremes within a nation that has "prospered" for hundreds of years under the flag of a recent God. Let us conduct this observation with the viewpoints presented from both sides through a spokesperson of sorts. But let the spokesperson of the underdog, or the group which is socially frowned upon, be a set of teenage children. Lost souls, clasping desperately to any oppositional monument to the "norm" that seems so pale to their eyes with the intent to discover the ultimate, yet as of yet unobtainable, truth. And let us view that which is regarded as the socially ideal position through a spokesperson who has devoted his entire life to one specific teaching with the forceful motive of tradition and or inspirations of mental illusion. This "fair" opportunity to expose a mental state of mind is completely biased against the non-christian school of thought. We are told, within this clip, that Satanists are fearful of the cross, etc. But what of a Christian's attitude towards an inverted cross, inverted pentagram, or countless anti-christian symbols old or new? The bearded fellow speaks pompous tone, there is very little concrete evidence in this clip from either side to be anything more than propaganda against rebellion. Though it aims to be informational it seems the intent is to spread fear and hate. Why else would they focus on that "satanists" attire. Physical discrimination is a primal form of hatred. This is fueled by fear of the unknown, and as recent history has proven... Christians, by nature of upbringing, are quite fearful of what they do not understand. Thus enter the Christian Satan, the most abused scapegoat of recorded history yet the ultimate double edged sword. For he was spawned to spread fear but is quite capable of lifting spirits and promoting mental clarity equal to or greater than a restrictive God. Yes, the left hand can wield a sword as well.