Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Yerevan mayoral candidate - Gagik Beglaryan, PhD (!)

Apparently, Gagik Beglaryan (nicknamed Chorni (Black) Gago), Yerevan mayoral candidate from the ruling Republican party, has PhD degree (its Armenian equivalent - “Kandidat Nauk”).

He ‘defended’ his thesis on local governance in 2004. Although news outlet states that this fact was mentioned in his official biography, this is not quite true. I could not find any mention of his degree on a Republican party website.
Born in 1964 in Yerevan.In 1985 graduated from the Yerevan Institute of National Economy, obtaining a qualification of economist.In 1985-1987 served in the Army.Since 1987 worked in different branches of economy.1993 was elected deputy of the first convocation of the Supreme Assembly of the RA.Since 2002 is the Chief of Kentron community of Yerevan.Since 2006 is a member of the Republican Party of Armenia.Since 2006 is a memeber of RPA board.Married, has two children.
This info was not available within his bio when he was appointed as Yerevan mayor too (link).

But this is not the whole story.

Guess, who was his scientific supervisor? The answer is... one of our chief sociologists Gevorg Poghosyan, president of discredited Armenian Sociological Association, which conducts various election or politics related exit polls and opinion surveys, frequently under the umbrella of reputable international agencies.

I am so going to trust his surveys for Yerevan municipal election.

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Anonymous said...

The funny thing is that I am doing a PhD now, not in Armenia of course. It is at least 4 years of hard work. In Armenia, they mostly find someone who writes the thesis and the majority of 'supervisors' and opponents do not have adequate knowledge on study methods. So, you can guess about the quality. As for the degree, I think 'kandidat nauk' equals to Master's degree (MSc) and no more. In Soviet times some scientists had doctoral degrees not simply 'kandidat'. Should they now translate it as 'double PhD' if 'kandidat nauk' is translated as a PhD?
As for biographies, there are many funny ones, take Hovik Abrahamian’s as an example working in Moscow Burn center while he was serving in army…

Anonymous said...

A PhD degree certificate costs about 7 thousand dollars in Armenia. It is widely practised among deputies to the National Council, ministers, ologarkhs and high rank officials. It can also be bought in Russia.