Monday, 24 August 2009

Terrorist-like threat to Armenian government: silence the writer

Group of Armenian ultra-nationalists, a copycat of Russia’s and others’ neo-nazi, united under the so called Hayrenik (‘Motherland’) movement, published a post on their website threatening the life of Armenian author writing under the name Dori An. Dori An is the author of award winning gay-themed short story in Yerevan. In one of his posts, he also touches the recently headlining issue of gay Charents (prominent Armenian poet). This outrages ultra-nationalists which call it a “war against Armenian nation, therefore against us”. Of course, according to them, all is planned from the “outside” to “demoralise” our society. [This is in line with the recent surge of homophobic and hate attacks in Armenia, including some local media and comments in Armenian sector of Facebook.]

They provide Armenian government with the ultimatum type message: either you silence Dori An, using “legal means”, or we will do it by our means and methods. ‘Message’ is accompanied by Al-Qaeda terrorist-like picture, or its poor copycat.


Failing to produce any ‘results’ by ‘fighting external enemies’, and failing on all fronts, these ultra-nationalists try to create ‘internal enemies’ to justify their very own existence.

This is a direct threat to person’s life and the right for free speech, the very basic human rights protected under Armenian constitution. After all, this is effectively a terrorist-like ultimatum to Armenian government, and law enforcement agencies in Armenia should take up the case for further proceedings.

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*photo of Russia's neo-nazi, via San Francisco Sentinel