Sunday, 20 September 2009

Yerevan diaries: Opposition rally/march (Fri 18 Sep)

As was announced during the rally, we still have 19 political prisoners in Armenia. The mere existence of political prisoners is not only wrong per se, but also very damaging to Armenia's and its president's reputation. Come on, Serj, you know what is the only right thing to do in this regard: all remaining 19 political prisoners must be let free. We need at least some kind of closure for this shameful chapter of our recent history, and this could be that "some kind of" one.

As to the rally, it was unremarkable. Basically, Armenian opposition does not have a clear strategy of ways forward, as of now. Number-wise, as I've been told by people who were present at recent rallies, there was either similar number or slightly less. It's always interesting to listen to the opposition leader Levon Ter-Petrosyan speeches, whether one agrees with his points or not. But come on, Levon, it was way too long a speech; you have to keep it shorter, 20-30 mins maximum. I completely lost my concentration towards the second half of your hour-long (or even more) speech.


Քաղաքացի said...

It is always the case: Levon's speeches last about 1.5-2 hours and obviously only some can listen them till the end. I personally, don't listen the speech during the rally but read it afterwards :)

Anonymous said...

maybe more appropriate words to describe him are:


i mean, even if we are to fall again for his talk, haven't we been there done that?

move on, already. opposition, please find someone slightly less discredited.