Monday, 28 September 2009

Yerevan diaries: Theatre poster... a kind of ‘anti-performance’

Not sure about performance part, but read the Armenian text on this poster. Amusing :)


nazarian said...

It's a strange poster and strange copy write. There is a lot of fascination about the gangster life in Armenia (just like everywhere else).

artmika said...

You have to watch Armenian and Russian tv. It's all about criminal/gangster-themed tv serials. As if Armenia based mafia soaps were not enough, there is now brand new LA-based Armenian related one on Armenia tv called Immigrants :-)

nazarian said...

gangster themed entertainment is OK. The problem is that the gangsters are the heroes and their lifestyles are glorified. I would have preferred if law and order were the heroes of these serials (like the detective shows in the West) but you can't really blame them. The law enforcement in Armenia is probably worse than the gangsters.

I wonder how the "Immigrants" works out. There are quite a few crooked cops in LA (they are probably the most corrupt force in the US by American standards) but in general the police keep the gangsters under control.

Haik said...

Does the show take place in Armenian Parliament?