Sunday, 18 October 2009

Turkey - Armenia: Whispering Memories and Talking Pictures

The photographic journey of Ghazaros Kerjilian to his paternal home town in Turkey and his search for the lost great uncle in 1915.

a short documentary
by Mehmet BINAY / M.Caner ALPER

Post-production by Jasmin GUSO
Pictures by Huseyin ONAN
Music by Paolo POTI
Narrated by Mehmet BINAY
(c) CAM Film Ltd. 2009

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"Whispering Memories", a 42 minute documentary film, tells the story of a rural wedding in the Taurus mountains of Turkey by exploring local traditions, culture and regional history through the eyes of young villagers and their elders.

While speaking to their elders, the young people of the village also asked questions about the times when Armenians lived in the area until 1915 as their neighbors.

"Whispering Memories" is not a story of Armenians who had to leave Turkey but of those who stayed behind and silently became Muslims: they are now called the 'Converts'.

directed by Mehmet Binay
(c) CAM Film 2008 

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