Monday, 21 December 2009

My New Year resolution for the Armenian Cause

Aram Hamparian of the Armenian National Committee of America tweeted the other day:

#anca is interested in your New Year's resolutions for the #Armenian Cause.

Well, here is mine: to make, however small, but personal contribution to evolve Armenia into a democratic state where human rights are not simply words but a reality. Everything else will follow.

To readers of my blog: BIG THANK YOU for reading my blog, for being in touch, for inspiring me. Whether it’s global, or very personal/intimate, whatever your dreams are, I hope and wish that at least some of them will come true in 2010. Have a very happy one!! x


Ani said...

+1 And just added my own: To continue to amplify those wheels in #Armenia that dare to squeak, in hopes they may at last be heard outside the borders.

artmika said...

You were such an incredible Amplifier throughout the year. Thanks :)

artmika said...

There were good reflections by IANYAN magazine on Twitter too, following my post:

I echo these sentiments whole heartedly. What are your resolutions for the 'Armenian Cause'...


@ANCA_DC To take two steps forward, not one step back concerning human, esp. women and LGBT rights. To give a voice to the voiceless.

Well said, Liana!

Ani said...

:) I decided to say a bit more here(

Ralph Hälbig said...

All the best for you tooo thanks for your blog ;-) Ralph

artmika said...

Many thanks, Ralph. Happy New Year!!