Sunday, 7 March 2010

"Sako" at Human Rights Watch film festival in London

Human Rights Watch International Film Festival showcases selection of films with a distinctive human rights theme. It first started in New York in 1994; then expanded to London from 1996. The dates for this year's festival in London are set for 17 to 26 March.

As part of Youth Producing Change programme within the framework of the festival, Armenian short film "Sako" will be presented too (among selection of 10 stories from across the world produced by young filmmakers).


[Unzipped: I wonder what happened to this guy since then... If the film produced in 2005 (as indicated in festival's programme), when Sako was 13, he should be around 18 now... Child labour... "He was made to work by his father since the age of seven"... No education... Good heart... and dreams...]

Aram Abrahamyan and Davit Martirosyan of Manana Youth Center—Armenia—2005—5m—doc—In Armenian with English subtitles

Meet Sako, a 13 year old boy who works in a gravestone factory in order to support his family. Sako speaks about his daily life, and his dreams of going to school.

Screening details

Location: The Ritzy, Brixton Oval, London
Date and time: 19 March 2010, 7pm

Location: ICA, The Mall, London
Date and time: 20 March 2010, 3.30pm

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