Thursday, 1 April 2010

Armenia: ‘A+’ for signatures, ‘Fail’ for practice

Below is a timeline of truly historic and groundbreaking international agreements which Armenia became part of over the course of past two years.

- 31 March 2010 Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, representing the national governments of its all 47 Member States, including Armenia, adopted historic Recommendations on measures to combat discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity.

- 30 September 2009 Armenia aligns with the EU human rights / gay rights statement.

- 15 May 2009 Armenia joins EU statement condemning homophobia.

- 19 December 2008 Armenia signed a groundbreaking UN statement against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Armenian authorities signed the UN statement, they aligned with the EU statements, they agreed with the adoption of the Council of Europe recommendations. Yes, this sounds great. Any government could be proud of such a record. I sincerely want to commend them for that.

However, great as this may sound, it’s all on paper. The reality is far from idillic. Here is merely part of that sad and shameful reality: the latest report by EurasiaNet


A sad and shameful reality for a country that seeks one day to become part of the EU. A damning one for Armenia's international reputation.

If you do not act upon your signatures, if you do not act upon the recommendations and human rights obligations you yourself are making, then your signatures do not worth a penny.

Until such a mentality has changed, our dream of a better future within the European family of nations, where I believe Armenia belongs, will remain a dream.

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artmika said...

When I first published this post, I forgot indicating within the timeline re another very important signature of Armenia: 15 May 2009 Armenia joined the EU statement condemning homophobia. Now added with the link.