Saturday, 10 April 2010

Armenia’s ‘under the belt’ president

Oh, that lovely ‘jokes’ or ‘sramtutyunner’ [‘wittiness’] by Armenia’s ex(2nd)-president Kocharyan. Didn’t you miss them? I did. You know, a ‘guilty pleasure’ type of way. Since the day he became president, it has always been on a ‘under the belt‘ level for Kocharyan. No surprises here. That he specifically fell down this time to a ‘hemorrhoids’ level, is yet another of his ‘achievements’, I suppose.

A perfect picture A1+ has chosen to accompany Kocharyan’s statement. Priceless.

Kocharyan claims he “doesn’t care” what his critiques, and especially Armenia’s ex(1st)-president Ter-Petrosyan, say of him. Of course, he does. Otherwise, he would not have issued such a statement responding to Ter-Petrosyan’s not exactly the most impressive speech.

Some say they deserve each other. I disagree. When it comes to ‘under the belt’ attacks, Kocharyan is a clear winner. No one in Armenia can get even close.

Recent continuous speculations of Kocharyan’s return to Armenian political life are being manipulated by all sides (authorities, opposition, and Kocharyan himself). Even discussing such a theoretical possibility puts Armenia’s future into the ‘under the belt’ situation. An individual may go down that way. It’s his/her choice. But a country... ‘Been there, done that’. Last time it ended up with 1 March 08 bloodshed.

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