Sunday, 18 April 2010

Dutch festival in Trafalgar sq, London. Armenian festival to come?

There was a Dutch festival in Trafalgar sq, London, yesterday. One of the main aims of it was to promote tourism to Holland. It was also staged to mark 5 years of Holland House in London, as well as to celebrate Holland’s national day (Queen's Day). There were orange colours everywhere. Nice atmosphere. People having fun. I had no idea who was playing on the stage, but the music was cool. I later learned that these were Dutch bands Go Back to the Zoo, Postman, Zuco 103, DI-RECT.

I have always wanted to see something similar - Armenian festival - in Trafalgar sq too, similar to Russian, Irish, Dutch etc. This would have been one of the best ways in London to promote culture and tourism to Armenia. I know there are people who currently work behind the scene on developing the idea and staging the festival. I wish them good luck.

Below are few pics I took during the Dutch festival.

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