Saturday, 10 April 2010

Tupolev TY-154: ancient Soviet plane that crashes and should be banned

From my tweet today: #Iran plane crash en route to #Armenia 2009 & #Poland plane crash in #Russia: Tupolev TY-154. Ban this plane! (see my 2009 tweet below)

My tweet of 2009 re Iran plane crash en route to Armenia:
Why on earth #Iran still uses that ancient Russian plane TY-154! They should be banned. #armenia #yerevan.
[from AFP 2009 report: "The Tupolev Tu-154 plane is a Soviet-designed, medium-range three-engine aircraft. It was a best-seller for the Russian aircraft industry between 1972 and 1994."]

Back in 2009, after raising that question (above) re TY-154, I then posted an answer, via BBC:
BBC confirmes that poor air safety record in #Iran is due to sanctions imposed by US. #armenia #yerevan
I may understand the reasons in Iran, but why on earth Poland still uses these planes is beyond me.

[from BBC report: "The president was flying in a Tupolev 154, a plane that was designed in the 1960s and capable of carrying more than 100 passengers. Our correspondent says there had been calls for Polish leaders to upgrade their planes."]

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