Friday, 9 July 2010

National Cinema Center of Armenia and... Constitutional Court

As a big film fan, I am all excited with the launch of “promising” cinema related online projects. And it was with the excitement that I started exploring the website for the National Cinema Center of Armenia.

Boy, I was in for a surprise.

Have a look at this screenshot and remember which website you are looking at. Spotted anything bizarre or unusual for the occasion? I thought so too.

Why on earth under the Links section are links... to the president’s, parliament’s, government’s and constitutional court’s (!) websites is beyond me.

I understand that the website is still ‘under construction’. But would not you expect to see cinema and art related links when you enter the National Cinema Center of Armenia? You would not necessarily search for the Constitutional Court of Armenia there, would you?

Interestingly, they were in such a hurry to put those websites in, that they forgot the most relevant one - Ministry of Culture’s. Oh my...


Ani said...

There's no business like show business, and who puts on a better show in Armenia than the Constitutional Court? ;)

artmika said...

I am singing-along, Ani :)

Շվեյկ said...

I guess this website is made from a copy of a government law website and hence the links. or maybe I am too optimist :)

artmika said...

Being an optimist myself, in this case, however, I reckon it has something to do with the Armenian word "քծնել" :)

Meline said...

well, i have just checked out the website...Maybe it was/is UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Anyway i have found all the information i needed for the film. Its very important that have made this site, especially for the people, who dont have the chance to be in Armenia, but are interested in Film-life!!! so i find the site pretty useful!!!
as well as the construction.