Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Charming Karabakh at the World Travel Market in London

Despite reports that Azerbaijan would protest and try preventing Karabakh’s representation at the World Travel Market (WTM) in London, Karabakh did have its small separate pavilion right next to Armenia at this prestigious annual world forum. Moreover, I have to tell you, despite its very modest size, Karabakh’s representation was cosy, very warm, nicely designed and much more interesting than Armenia or Azerbaijan for that matter. The only thing I did not like in their design were those little crosses inside the letters, although they were not too pushy and I noticed them only while looking at pictures.

Karabakh’s corner at the WTM was a kind of place where you’d like to get in for a cup of tea or coffee, or a glass of wine or so, have a friendly chat. It really felt very warm, welcoming and comfortable. Charming - that was my first reaction as I saw it.

Armenian pavilion was unremarkable, with a tiring design (looks better in photo than in reality). There were ethnic and church related pictures all around, but ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to show what modern Armenia looks like. People (members of the delegation) were friendly, helpful and cheerful. That’s a plus.

Weirdly enough, looking at the main information stands at the WTM that show companies/countries represented there, you could hardly, if at all, find any indication of Armenia or Karabakh representation.

Azerbaijan’s pavilion was unremarkable as well, and kind of tasteless. Putting on the top of it this weird map of Azerbaijan with the empty space to indicate Armenia, and with the inscription “territory occupied by Armenia” was inappropriate and totally out of place.

The coolest design among South Caucasus countries was that of Georgia. You could feel modernity there, and you could actually see it from afar.

In tomorrow’s post - Turkey and Van at the World Travel Market in London. Stay tuned.


Onnik Krikorian said...

I think you're over-reacting to the "empty space to indicate Armenia" and by the same token, bordering countries could complain about not being identified on Azerbaijan's borders.

Just so happens that Armenia does keep Azerbaijan and Nakhichevan apart and there's not much you can do apart from say show Armenia's southern Siunik region as a part geographical entity.

Couldn't win there, though, either as I've no doubt the 'scandal' would then turn into one of Azerbaijan claiming Armenian lands (as some actually do).

Meanwhile, the identifying of territory occupied by Armenia is another issue, and of course, political and likely for propaganda purposes. What interests me more, however, is what map did Karabakh use?

The internationally accepted one or that which includes the territories outside of it proper as one entity?

BTW: Kudos to Georgia, and btw, I love the new tourism logo for Tbilisi. Still, always loved that city more than any other in the region anyway... :)

artmika said...

Karabakh did not put on display any map, at least I could not see anything like that at Karabakh's or Armenian pavilions.

There were Israel and Palestine, even Northern Cyprus, along with Cyprus, Turkey and Greece at the WTM, and they managed to avoid inappropriate politicisation and out of place propaganda, like Azerbaijan did.

Anonymous said...

///What interests me more, however, is what map did Karabakh use? The internationally accepted one or that which includes the territories outside of it proper as one entity?///

Didn't know that there is an internationally accepted map of NKR.

Anonymous said...

ur stories are so interesting!
have u seen my new website?


for very long I haven't seen any pics by Onnik, do u know if he uploads any and if yes, where?

U know, he used to take some great shots of our beautiful girls from demos, doesn't he anymore?

artmika said...

Thanks :)

...and congrats with your new website!! You update it so frequently that at times it difficult to keep up with your pace :)

Check Onnik's website, FB group and flickr (

Anonymous said...

Thank u ;-)
I didn't realise u knew about my new website ;-)) Actually I just post there, the website is not mine ;-)

I know the link u gave of Onnik, kareli a asel he doesn't update it,especially with the pics like before...