Thursday, 4 November 2010

Protest action in front of Iranian embassy in Yerevan to save Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani from being stoned to death in Iran

Few Armenian activists gathered today in front of the Iranian embassy in Armenian capital to protest what seemed to be an imminent stoning to death of Iranian woman Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani for “infidelity” after her husband’s death (!) Despicable is an understatement here.

This action was to coincide with similar actions worldwide.

However, the embassy employees and security did not allow protesters to stage their action with posters and stones, some - symbolically red-coloured. Nevertheless, Armenian activists, albeit for a short while, managed to put posters and stones in front of the building.

The main question that bothered the embassy employees and security was:”Which political party do you represent?”

The ambassador himself declared that there are many imprisoned women in Iran, as well as in Europe, ‘why do you care for this particular woman?’. He apparently did not understand what “human rights violation” means.

*video and pictures - by Mamikon Hovsepyan


Sofia said...

Definitely the protesters have no notion what is politics and diplomacy...they only speak about human rights, forgetting that they themselves are victims of mass influence and massive attack from "above"...and by the way....why not speaking about our women's problems???Definitely, there are things to talk about....not less important

artmika said...

Sofia, these protesters are exactly THE people who are at the forefront of highlighting women issues in Armenia, so there is no hypocrisy whatsoever in their actions.

And btw, they do have to have "notions" of politics and diplomacy. It's a simple human urge to voice against injustice and horrific human rights violations, in this case in Iran.