Saturday, 20 November 2010

We are the champions. Vladimir Arzumanyan makes Armenia winner of Junior Eurovision 2010

Amid all the depressive news coming these days from Armenia, I SO WANTED some positive news. So I decided to try my luck with the Eurovision, the Junior one. Children are our hope, with their sense of freedom, creativity and individuality, well, unless Armenian police is of different opinion, that is. Not that it matters.

Below is how the events unfolded, as per chronology of my Twitter notes.

I started morning with the reminder, most of all to myself. I did not follow the national selection process nor the build-up to the Junior Eurovision. But when I watched the video of Armenia entry’s song and performance this morning, things became clear to me: a star was born.
Today is Junior #Eurovision. 12 yrs old Vladimir Arzumanyan to represent #Armenia. He has all qualities for pop star !!
Then I decided to ditch my initial plans for a night out and have a more quiet evening at home watching the Junior Eurovision. Boy, I so did not regret it:
Junior #Eurovision live
Could not hide my excitement as I genuinely believed that this year’s Armenian entry is a spot on:
#Armenia is No. 10 at Junior #Eurovision. GO Vladimir Arzumanyan!
And one more general observation:
Sooo difficult to criticise children at Junior #Eurovision... You can't go with the adult Eurovision bitchiness :)
Then it was No. 10. And my first impression immediately after the Vladimir’s performance:
Impressive #Armenia performance at Junior #Eurovision. He is so cute, voice was not very strong but he feels the stage perfectly, he is a star
And before the voting results being announced:
Have to say, regardless of voting results, this was #Armenia strongest entry to Junior #Eurovision since Arevik.
Conclusion to the night was a fireworks. This is how I reacted when it became clear that Armenia won the Junior Eurovision:
OMG!!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! #Armenia - winner of Junior #Eurovison!!! Well deserved. Well done, Vladimir!!!
And the last bit, albeit too optimistic :
If only we have someone to match Vladimir for the main #Eurovision contest, #Armenia would be a double winner. How wonderful it would be !!!
Below is an extract from Vladimir’s first press conference after winning the contest:

[...] But what does he want as a present for his victory? Well, putting into his words - "I want a brother, my mother promised me that if I'd win!"

Now, after winning the biggest music contest for young singers, he still doesn't think of himself as a star. "Stars are only in the sky, I'm only human," Vladimir told the press. [...]

Cute! Cute! Cute!

*picture - Reuters


Davit Gasparean said...

I really congratulate ALL MY nation)

me said...

I remember him from novaya volna this year, he was really impressive, as were the winners (razmik and friends or smth like that).

I feel like we're so stuck in the past with our hayastan ashxarhs and apricot stones and armenia this and armenia that, that it's refreshing to see kids who have shed all that and can produce simple music and fun performances that can be accepted/liked by everyone.

So there is hope? I think I'm rumbling now, but what I really wanted to say is ջանա! շատ համով երեխա ա: մալաձեց!