Saturday, 26 March 2011

Armenia vs Russia EURO 2012 qualifying. No party for tonight...

First, something positive. Look at this picture tweeted live from the Yerevan stadium by @adagamov. Beautiful.

"Стадион забит до отказа, спели гимны. У армян на бумажках цвета флага на др стороне текст гимна"
Now look at his second picture + commentary about poor organisaton of people entry to the stadium by the Armenian side. I can confirm that I’ve heard similar complaints from others who were at the stadium too.

"На входе дикая давка, организация просто из рук вон"
For the first half (apart from 10 mins at the beginning), it was Berezovsky vs Russia. To other players in our team - thumbs down. Second half was more active and interesting. But it was nil vs nil at the end. No party for tonight.

And about Armenian Public TV online broadcast of the match. It sucked spectacularly. It was like a torture to watch, interrupting (“buffering”) every couple of seconds (!!). And no, my Internet connection was OK, many of my friends experienced the same. Wouldn’t it be more honest to simply not have online broadcast?! Luckily, I got a link to different channel, and managed to watch more or less OKish the second half of the match.

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Armenia's incompetent Police torture people when entering football matches