Sunday, 20 March 2011

P.S. Ida Kar - Armenian "bohemian photographer" at National Portrait Gallery in London

As I mentioned before - YES! Armenian “bohemian photographer who made history” Ida Kar restrospective at the National Portrait Gallery in London - this seemed to be a must see exhibit in London, and it was. Here are few pics I made at the National Portrait Gallery in London. The exhibition is on until 19 June 2011. Don't miss!

*"Return to Armenia": her works for The Tatler magazine after she visited Armenia for the first time since childhood. On this picture, you may also see the caricature of Ida Kar, with Armenian inscriptions, by local Yerevan artist S. Stepanian, 1957 (also below - as a fridge magnet I bought from the National Portrait Gallery shop).

Few more posters from the exhibit.

And this is perhaps her most provocative work on display at the exhibit: 'Mother and Child' (Hanja Kochansky with her daugther Katya Cobham (née Bebb)).

National Portrait Gallery, London - Ida Kar, 22 August 1974

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Anonymous said...

ես ել եմ ուզում! I would not only love to see this exhibit too, but also would love a fridge magnet <3 Thank you for sharing, Mika jan ;)

artmika said...

Adrineh jan, I promise you will get that fridge magnet (hopefully very soon) when I travel back to Yerevan.

Anonymous said...

vai inch lavn es du! ;)))) I very much look forward to seeing you — with or without fridge magnet ;)