Sunday, 24 April 2011

Yerevan State University students council marks the Armenian Genocide anniversary... with a cheap show of flag burning hatred on Facebook

You may have thought that the students council at the Yerevan State University fails in standing up for students rights only. You would be wrong. They fail on many other levels too.

To mark the Armenian Genocide anniversary, they created an event on Facebook for ... virtual flag burning of Turkey and Azerbaijan flags. How heroic!

I mentioned many times my opinion on flag burning and will repeat here briefly.

It's wrong, unnecessary and distracts from the main message. It’s simply a cheap show of pseudo-patriotism that only adds to the hatred without having any positive impact whatsoever.

I am glad that many current and former university students raised their discontent re their students council actions and started reporting the event’s page.
amot e, yes amachum em, vor event-i henc heghinak@ nshvac e Hamaslarani us.xorhurd@, yes report em anum sa, qani vor atelutyun@ lucum che, isk nman ararqner@ chxchim baner en, sa arjanapativ pahvacq che! (example - FB status)
I reported it too. At the time of writing, the event’s page disappeared and was no longer accessible on Facebook ("The page you requested was not found"). I take it that our reporting made an effect, although some claim they still can access the page.


Anonymous said...

This is what a bunch of idiots can do. They should first of all focus on the students' and human rights in the country and not make a show of false patriotism.

Stuart said...

This kind of action will have no positive implications for Armenia. As a foreigner working in Yerevan, and one who believes the genocide occurred, I was disgusted to see the picture of smiling, proud young Armenian men burning the Turkish flag. By performing such an act it hardly sends out a message of tolerance to the international community - in fact it barely differentiates you from the nationalists in Turkey.

I know many young Turkish people who are willing to at least start talking about this issue. They may not agree in the first instance but the willingness to engage in dialogue is a great opportunity. Burning their flag is hardly going to encourage more Turks to follow their example, is it? In fact you are destroying your own cause.

Additionally, Armenia prides itself on being a Christian country and Armenians do in fact think themselves better than their Muslim neigbours. Flag burning is something nowadays more associated with Islamic fundmentalism than Christian tolerance. Therefore, you are again undermining your position.

While such feelings remain, I foresee dim prospects for future peace-building initiatives. Arguably, however, this is what the Armenian authorities want: by keeping nationalism running high they can distract Armenians from the problems at home.

Anonymous said...

The Facebook censorship did nothing to prevent the flag burning.

curiousgeorge055 said...

These Armenians, who all are a couple generations away from the 1.5 million people who were barbarically slaughtered and kicked out of there ancestral land.

Nearly all having personal stories of how their great-grandparents were buried alive, children/infants left to die in the desert, women raped and mutilated by swords, etc etc.

The current state of turkey has launched an international campaign to revise history and hide this GENOCIDAL campaign. Has brainwashed it's own people to believe that this GENOCIDE did not occur, and if it did, it was deserved. Basically, "spitting" on the memories of those innocent people that were killed in the most heinous of ways.

....and you wasted your time to focus on a handful of Armenian students burning turkish flags.

....that's like seeing an Israeli burning a swastika, and faulting the Israeli.

...what a shockingly idiotic article written with an obvious hidden agenda.

artmika said...

@ curiousgeorge055: and how exactly flag burning is going to help resolving any of the issues you raised? As I mentioned in my post, this is nothing but populism, pseudo-patriotism and incitement to hatred, with no positive impact whatsoever on Genocide recognition or keeping memory of victims alive.

As to the "hidden agenda", I will leave it to your imagination.