Sunday, 1 May 2011

Lady Gaga... Unzipped

Few days ago I bought NME magazine with Lady Gaga on cover. No need to guess the front page headline... Lady Gaga Unzipped :))) Could not resist it. Don’t judge :)


Observer said...

Lol, she's after your fame, Mika jan! You should take her to court :)))

artmika said...

Art jan, we reached the out of court settlement. She will be performing on my wedding (if/when it happened). You are invited! ;)

Observer said...

I generally hate Armenian weddings, but something inside tells me yours will really be completely different! :))

My pleasure!

Հ.գ. էս տարի Հայաստան գալու ե՞ս

artmika said...

Thanks... and trust your intuition, Art jan :)

P.S. galu em, amenayn havanakanutyamb amare, bayc der chgitem erb.