Monday, 22 August 2011

Yerevan Diaries: PanArmenian games closing ceremony - #Fail

I am so glad that due to personal circumstances could not make it to Liberty sq for a closing ceremony of PanArmenian games (open air event/concert). Instead, watching it on TV. That was the better/safer option, considering what was on the menu.

Throughout the ceremony, it was full with pathetic, pseudo-patriotic speeches. They sounded so fake, with artificial smiles and 'special expressions' on the face of those on stage, that the only appropriate tag to describe the happening was #FunnySad.

[Btw, I didn't know that PanArmenian games is also a beauty pageant with prizes for "Miss Beauty".]

And finally... When you see Armenchik - 'king of rabiz' - chosen as a headlining act for PanArmenian games closing ceremony, no more comments needed, indeed.

This was one of the most boring, pathetic and tasteless ceremonies I have ever seen in Yerevan.

Verdict: #Fail


Doc said...

unfortunately the beauty pageant had always been a part of the closing ceremony of the pan-Armenian games closing ceremony, and I've never understood the point of it since it has nothing to do with sports. It's always been weird.

As for Armenchik.. he's pretty popular in the diaspora for some reason.. for example, everyone I know here in the Netherlands is overly obsessed with him for some reason, and when I tell him that there are far better Armenian artists than him, they go like "you must be joking, right? he's awesome!" and all I can do is just shrug and sigh. After all, tastes differ.

artmika said...

Oh, my... Yes, tastes differ, indeed :)

I can understand Armenchik during, you know, traditional qef-parties, but not headlining during PanArmenian youth festivals. There is so much more (other than rabiz) in contemporary Armenian music scene to headline such events.