Monday, 30 January 2012

Re: Armenia ex-FM Vartan Oskanian and “free and fair” elections

In a statement released by Civilitas Foundation, Armenia ex-FM Oskanian didn’t deny & left open the possibility of his alliance with the Prosperous Armenia party led by oligarch Tsarukyan. This party is widely regarded in Armenia as affiliated with the ex-president Robert Kocharyan whose human rights record is the most appalling among all the presidents of independent Armenia. [Civilitas Foundation is founded by Oskanian who served as Foreign Minister during Kocharyan’s reign in power]
[...] My own political engagement is driven by this conviction. Talk about my involvement with the Prosperous Armenia party is not without basis. I have had such discussions with the Prosperous Armenia party as well as with other political forces. At this time, I have still not made a decision, and believe there is still time to do so. Political processes, however, may accelerate my decision.[...]
Says Oskanian: “I firmly believe that it is of utmost importance that Armenia hold free and fair parliamentary elections.”
[...] Armenia needs serious and deep reforms and I’m convinced that all our citizens share this belief. Reforms and change can only happen when there is a new political configuration in the National Assembly. And such political balance can only be assured through free and fair elections. [...]
Sorry, still cannot trust your words re commitment to ”free and fair” elections. Memories of 2008 & so still not far behind. Indeed, we witnessed your ‘commitment’ to “free and fair” elections from 2003 onwards culminated in 2008.

Truly, Mr Oskanian (or shall we say Kocharyan?), you must try much-much harder to make your statements sound believable.


Sveyk_am said...

In minimum Oskanian is an accessory to murder.
It is shame to see the Armcomedy chaps working for a criminal. Also to see many good people taking part in Civilitas events and activities.
The notion of the location of the Civilitas office is enought to keep a distance from like a plague.

Sarah said...

By the way, the Foundation has made it clear they don't pay rent for their current space as it is a goodwill donation from a supporter.

artmika said...

Show continues, as expected...

Vartan Oskanian's Statement
(via Civilitas Foundation)

Yesterday I submitted my application for membership to the Prosperous Armenia Party. I make this decision convinced that the Prosperous Armenia Party, together with other political parties, is able to, through political competition, secure free and fair elections, and thus, a new National Assembly with a new configuration of political forces.

As Chairman of the Board of the Civilitas Foundation, I had, on various occasions, expressed my views on events and developments in Armenia. Today, I believe it is time to become more actively involved in our political processes.

Given the possibility of my membership in the Prosperous Armenia Party, in the coming days, the Civilitas Foundation Board will make a decision about my future status.

12 February, 2012

artmika said...

“Sorry” seems to be the hardest word for Oskanian & co. Preparations for 1-March-part-2 underway?