Sunday, 17 June 2012

No or wrong Armenia flag to celebrate Olympic nations in London

UPDATE 26 June 2012: Armenia flag now up flying among other Olympic nations in London

On Friday, the headlining news in British media announced that London's Regent street re-designed to fly national flags of ALL Olympic nations, participants in London 2012. This is intended as a celebratory welcome to all nations ahead of the start of Olympic games in a month time.

On picture it looked like a pretty impressive display of flags. So I decided to capture this historic moment, and of course flying of the Armenian flag among Olympic nations.

Alas... there was none. The display was impressive, indeed, but I saw no Armenia flag whatsoever.

...unless they've made an error by displaying this red-blue-(wide) yellow flag twice (you can see it in a picture below: second row towards left, and repeated two rows behind towards right) and confusing it with Armenia one.

FYI to organisers: here is how Armenia tricolour (red-blue-orange) looks like (via Wikipedia):

I do not know who is responsible for this, or who advised re flags, but I left feeling disappointed...


artmika said...

P.S. It's Colombia's flag [red-blue-(wide) yellow] that repeated twice. Funnily enough, they have city named Armenia.

artmika said...

I have been told that Armenian flag has now been put up. Will check myself as soon as possible and will post an update with picture.

artmika said...

Armenia flag now up flying among other Olympic nations in London