Saturday, 28 July 2012

London 2012: Opening ceremony with the WOW factor (pictures & tweets)

*pictures - via The Guardian, The Sun, Metro and Time Out London.

And the night, as per my selected tweets (most recent first) :

Just spoke to my parents. They loved #London2012 opening too. Well done, Danny Boyle. An impressive showcase, indeed.
#Lesbian kiss at Olympic opening ceremony sparks praise, fury #lgbt  /via @queerza #London2012
Same here. Via @KevorkO Proud to call #London my home.#OlympicCeremony #london2012
We said it on the front cover of the mag and we stand by it. London is the Greatest City on Earth! Danny, you've done us proud. #welldoneDan
Retweeted by Mika
A class act #London2012
"For the first time, all participating teams have female athletes"#London2012
The setting, Olympics stadium looks stunning #London2012
It really does feel like #Eurovision :)) #London2012 cc: @onewmphoto
Djokovic is all charm ;)) #Serbia #London2012
Hearing that the first lesbian kiss has been shown on Saudi Arabian TV via screening the Olympics and the scene from Brookside. Brilliant!
True "@Chielie: Nice to see sworn enemies march in same parade. Armenia, Azerbaizjan; Eritrea, Ethiopia."
No matter how cynical you can't help but be moved about how positive the opening ceremony is in representing diversity and acceptance. PROUD
Pic: Remember when James Bond & HRH The Queen jumped from a helicopter? Don't see that every day #OpeningCeremony
Who was responsible for #fashion #fail of #Armenia sportsmen?#London2012
#Armenia#London2012 BBC commentators mention oligarch Tsarukyan (without naming him) who promised big sum money for Olympic champions
I approve this message. RT @ChristyRae2012 Becks in a speedboat. I really think he should light the torch in nothing but his Armani undies.
WOW! Beckham + the Olympics torch #London2012

Yeah. You saw it. The lesbian kiss. When countries present execute gay people you have no idea how important that is. #London2012

The inventor of world wide web #London2012 the coolest
#London2012 ♥ Via @ab_hlebregas British music >
Бойл своей иронией разбил окаменевшие рамки церемоний открытия Олимпиад. Просто браво! Столько хулиганства никогда и нигде не было)

WOW! Queen + Bond Craig. WOW! #London2012

Super excited !!! #London2012

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