Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Armenia PM: the end of cool

I have a confession to make. When Tigran Sargsyan was appointed PM, I was pleased as he was the most intelligent, well educated, seemingly pro-Western person in the cabinet. And he had a good taste in number of things. Ocean apart from the likes of Galust Sahakyan & co that ruling Republican party is so full of.

I am not going to provide a critical review of his years as head of the government. He looks pretty organic when he plays the music. He looks pretty awkward and out of place when he tries playing ‘macho’ (example).

Unfortunately, he will be remembered most as a PM who turned church related mourning days into national holidays.

Needless to say that being a VIP member of the Republican party whose ideology (if I may use such term in relation to this group) is out of touch with contemporary realities (to put it mildly) is in itself tarnishing the reputation. They are the epitome of uncool and impede Armenia’s moving forward, despite the very slogan they adopted.

What happened to the cool PM I once hoped for (example)? Nothing has left of that image.

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