Sunday, 27 January 2013

“Towards secure Armenia”: Public admission of fail with bizarre stage-managed election campaign launch

“Towards secure Armenia”- this is Armenia’s ruling republican party slogan for presidential campaign. Effectively, this is a very public admission that president failed in ensuring one of his main duties, as per Constitution:
Article 49 The President of the Republic shall be the guarantor of the independence, territorial integrity and security of the Republic of Armenia. 
Their campaign launched with a music video where everyone is happy smiling and dancing literally everywhere. It depicts a disturbing picture of nation under drugs. The only dancing part that - unfortunately! - looks believable is dancing in the airport before the plane’s take off. “Towards secure Armenia”? Ha!

The very threat to the security of Armenia is a current political establishment headed by republican party with formally accepted neo-nazi style ideology. A party whose high level officials, including the spokesman, publicly and unashamedly support terrorism against a group of their own citizens and spread intolerance and discrimination towards anyone who does not fit into their ‘national standards’.

Never before my friends and relatives in Armenia were so indifferent to presidential election. It’s no news for them, just a time for occasional mocking (in a #funnysad way) looking at the clownery named “campaign” (with few exceptions of Heritage party leader, ex-FM Raffi Hovhannisyan and ex-PM Hrant Bagratyan).

Just how fake everything connected with the ruling republican party is perfectly illustrated in this video.... Not that we needed any additional proof. 

Here in this video, unzipping a blatant stage-management of the campaign, school children were trained to greet current Armenia president. The video then continues to present slightly different version of ruling party's presidential election campaign music clip. Closer to the reality.

And in case you were nostalgic of Soviet/Stalinist style “Dear party leader” nauseating lines, watch this pretty #funnysad clip from one of week No.1 election campaign meetings of current president Serj Sargsyan. I will never look at my childhood favourite Cheburashka the same way again. Not only they ruin the country. They ruin my childhood memories too.


Ani said...

...with a bizarre Latin rumba beat, but conspicuously lacking any balloons anywhere, since they turned out not to be so secure after all.

And then we have the conveniently timed premiere of the Nazi biopic "Garegin Nzhdeh," with the entire gang (approriate word) walking the red carpet. Only the plaza spider gave appropriate commentary to the event...

artmika said...

Here is part 2: Armenia’s incumbent president: why bother campaigning?