Friday, 17 May 2013

Despite odds, Armenia rock band Dorians makes it into Eurovision final

Today was the Eurovision semi-final where Armenia is represented by rock band Dorians. I feared the worst.

Dorians - one of my fave Armenian rock bands. Still remember them performing in Yerevan as an "opening act" for Serj Tankian concert. That was the first time I saw them live, and here is my impression, as I posted in my Yerevan Diaries:
Dorians - more than an opening act
Absolutely loved Dorians. Always liked them via their YouTube clips, but now that I managed to enjoy their performance live, I am 'officially' their fan. Top class rock performance, in line with best young rock groups elsewhere.
So you could imagine how happy I was to learn that they have been selected to represent Armenia in Eurovision 2013.

However, I believe the choice of song (Lonely Planet) was wrong. It's a bit boring song and doesn't allow Gor and Dorians to show their full potential.

There was also scandalous lack of PR from organisers, Armenian Public TV and Armenian media outlets. Article on published today headlined as Lack of Official Media Support for Armenia's 2013 Eurovision Entry.

I warned about this in past repeatedly:
On 20 April I tweeted: Since 11th April no Google Alert re #Armenia #Eurovision entry Dorians. Less than a month to go. PR #fail
On 22 April I tweeted: Don't say I didn't warn you.Scandalous lack of PR turns #Armenia entry Dorians into #Eurovision #fail.Song doesn't help either.Wake up call. 
As if there was a campaign of intentionally sabotaging Dorians.

But well done Gor and Dorians. You went through to the Eurovision final despite that song, and despite the lack of PR. Because of your talent.

You are so unlike the majority of contemporary Armenian pop stars, and so unlike the majority of Eurovision performers.

That's the reason why I like you, and will support you during the final.

Good luck!!