Monday, 10 June 2013

Iconic undercroft in London's South Bank under threat of 'redevelopment' by retail units

You may think that in London while deciding on redevelopment, construction, they would pay special attention to preserving historic, iconic parts. Partly - yes. But not so much. Few years ago they demolished Astoria theatre for a big transport redevelopment Crossrail  project. I will always remember Astoria: gigs, clubbing, my first boyfriend in London...

Now the so called 'redevelopment' (= relocation, and instead filling the space with even more shops and restaurants) threatens another iconic London place - undercroft on South Bank. A place filled with graffiti, skateboarders. A location for film settings etc.

If you ever been on South Bank, one of my fave parts in London, it would be impossible to miss the undercroft. It has very cool, alternative, counter-culture feeling.

I was there on Sunday, and joined the protest against re-location of undercroft by signing the petition. You may do so online too: petition

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