Thursday, 3 October 2013

Re Heritage MP Zaruhi Postanjyan CoE question: It's not about question per se, she is making a point!

True, making unsubstantiated claims - even if to humiliate a person who deserves it - is not necessarily my type of thing, or to my liking. True, I wish Zaruhi used other than casino question to humiliate president Serj Sargsyan, because there are many more substantiated claims one could have made for those purposes. But the casino question is not the point here.

The whole political system in Armenia is a joke. The real scandals are not being discussed and dealt with by politicians or mainstream media, only the cheap shots, tricks, conspiracies and gossips. Some went as far as to resort to racist remarks towards Zaruhi:
Lawmakers from Sarkisian’s Republican Party of Armenia (HHK) were particularly furious with Postanjian’s embarrassing verbal attack, comparing it with high treason. “Today Zaruhi Postanjian was more of a Turk than any Turk, more of an Azerbaijani than any Azerbaijani,” one of them, Karen Avagian, wrote on his Facebook account. 
I also read in quite a few places on Facebook that this is 'damaging to Armenia's reputation'. Really?! So it's because of this kind of stupid or not so questions Armenia reputation gets tarnished? I do not think so.

Imagine Zaruhi is asking the most refined politically relevant question in a calm intelligent manner... And? Do you have any doubts what the answers to those questions would be? It will be the usual blah blah blah by Serj. Don't get me wrong. I do agree in usefulness of 'real question' challenging, but this is just another legitimate tactic of defying the authorities.

Concentrating on 'casino question' is missing the point here.

The real point Zaruhi was making was not in a casino question but right before that when she was explaining why any other questioning would be irrelevant, i.e. fraudulent elections that keep this person (Armenia president Serj Sargsyan) & co in power.

This is very relevant to CoE and EU too, as by accepting the election results they gave Serj the legitimacy. Something they were hoping to get back in return to his 'European agenda' promises which turned out to be another farce of its own.
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artmika said...

Today Zaruhi Posanjyan returned back to Armenia. Instead of eggs and tomatoes, as threatened by ruling Republican Party youth wing, she was greeted with balloons and flowers. [video