Saturday, 11 October 2014

Armenia’s ex-file

This is perhaps my most pessimistic post to date. Brief and hopeless. Hopeless at least re near future prospects for Armenia.

In Minsk, Armenia’s ruling regime effectively conceded what remained of country’s independence to Russia, by formally signing the agreement of accession to the Eurasian Union, and turning Armenia into Russian province.

In the meantime, on the same day, there was this relatively big opposition rally in capital Yerevan, Liberty square. Ironically, some foreign twitter observers and media wrongly labelled it as anti-Eurasian Union accession protest. This assumption could not be more wrong. In fact, leaders of 2 out of 3 parties that called the rally, did everything possible to silence and discourage within their ranks any sizeable movement against Putin sponsored union, with ex-president Levon Ter-Petrosyan repeatedly using ‘realistic’, fatalistic language, such as “irreversible” and so on for that very purpose.

Instead, ex-president Ter-Petrosyan effectively joined forces with another ex-president Robert Kocharyan, who is behind oligarch Tsarukyan-led Bargavach Hayastan (“Prosperous Armenia”) party, calling for… regime change. To remind, Kocharyan’s years in power remembered for arguably the worst human rights violations in Armenia’s modern history, culminated in 1st March 2008 bloodshed. Not to mention Ter-Petrosyan’s own dubious human rights credentials towards the end of his reign.

What happened on Friday in Yerevan and Minsk was pretty disheartening on different levels, with no light at the end of the tunnel, as long as Putin is in power in Russia, and as long as Armenia’s political scene is occupied by faces from the past. For now, it’s all about the ex-file: backwards to the ex-country and ex-leaders.

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