Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Serj Tankian - Saving Us

Director: Kevin Estrada

This is the 3rd single and music video from "Elect the Dead" solo album of Serj which will be released 23 October.

1st single and music video "The Unthinking Majority" - here

2nd single and music video "Empty Walls" - here


Anonymous said...

Don't like it quite as much as Empty Walls although that might also be because the sexy man himself appears in that video...;)
Thanks for posting it anyway! :)
Just got home and found this article on yahoo
am somewhat annoyed, to say the least and i'm sure you're even more so...:( One would THINK that as a supposed Christian Bush would have some sympathy with the first country to adopt Christianity officially...rather than siding with a MUSLIM nation, but no, i guess Armenia just isn't strategically placed enough. :(
best regards

artmika said...

I am glad that Bush was against. It means that those who supported the resolution and thus defied Bush are right :) Just posted news on approval of Armenian Genocide bill by US Foreign Affairs Committee. It now reaches Congress.

Re Serj: Probably my favourite so far is The Unthinking Majority. But like all three singles.

Anonymous said...

you can listen to little samples of all the songs on the album on this site:;jsessionid=fdc-he7efr6thf1.fdc51


artmika said...

thanks :) can't wait for his album release