Saturday, 23 August 2008

Robert Fisk: A voice recovered from Armenia's bitter past (book review)

"It's a tiny book, only 116 pages long, but it contains a monumental truth, another sign that one and a half million dead Armenians will not go away. It's called My Grandmother: a Memoir and it's written by Fethiye Cetin and it opens up graves. For when she was growing up in the Turkish town of Marden, Fethiye's grandmother Seher was known as a respected Muslim housewife. It wasn't true. She was a Christian Armenian and her real name was Heranus. We all know that the modern Turkish state will not acknowledge the 1915 Armenian Holocaust, but this humble book may help to change that. Because an estimated two million Turks – alive in Turkey today – had an Armenian grandparent." More... (The Independent)

In July, The Armenian Odar posted fellow bookblogger's review on Fethiye Cetin's book.


Anonymous said...

I will get a copy of the book next week and I have a feeling it won't remain unread for very long! I will definitely write about the book once I finished it.

artmika said...

Look forward to your review, Myrthe. I may well get a copy of that book for myself too.