Sunday, 21 September 2008

Armenians in London mark Independence Day

One of my favourite dates in Armenian calendar – Independence Day on 21st. We’ve already celebrated it in London on 20th September. There was Independence Day concert organised at St Eghiche Armenian church, attended by members of community and Armenian ambassador. I particularly loved pianist and organist A. Bobikian. But the most hilarious was British consort/choir (conductor Crispin Lewis) singing Armenian songs in Armenian, including Hayi Achqer and Yerevan-Erebuni. They did great job.

Programme was divided into several interconnected parts: Early Christian Era; Medieval Era; Oriental Period; Diaspora; and Independent and Peaceful Future. Each part was accompanied by relevant photo slides. This worked nice, although not without technical glitches.

Funnily enough, ambassador Vahe Gabrielyan delivered his speech before Medieval Era part, as assigned by the programme. One would have hoped that Independent and Peaceful future would be a more appropriate time slot for the ambassador.

Happy Independence Day!!!

A. Bobikian, pianist and organist, and British consort/choir (conductor Crispin Lewis)

Participants on stage


Gauleiter said...

Armenian Independence Day was celebrated in Honolulu, Hawaii today with great food and a proclamtion from the Governor.
Armenians are evreywhere!

artmika said...

:) Thanks for sharing this news. Great to know.