Sunday, 28 September 2008

I wish I am in Yerevan on 29th...

Armenian Jazz Celebrates 70-th Anniversary

Armenian Jazz is 70. It was in 1938 when the first official Armenian Jazz-band was found. Many things have changed since those times, but our passionate love for jazz is neverending. [...]

On September 29 in Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra concert hall the exclusive concert of legendary Jazz singer Tatevik Hovhannisyan will take place. She is so talented, that they used to call her “Ella from Yerevan”. In early 80-s Hovhannisyan appeared in the USA; she still sings her favorite jazz there.

The “queen” of Soviet jazz-vocal has proved she’s real world jazz star and made a successful career not only in America but in Europe as well. By the way, she has a new contract with “Sony Classical” music-company for the record of her 5 coming albums.

There are many jazz-clubs playing live music in Yerevan now; we have interesting international jazz festivals, different programs and even “Radio Jazz” station dedicated only to this legendary music direction. (

Jazz Queen: I’ll Come When You Call Me

“Jazz has been a cup of water and air for me,” described jazz “queen” Tatevik Hovhannisyan her art for herself. In 80s Tatevik Hovhannisyan went to America and since then she lives in New York. [...]

To the question of a journalist why she visits Armenia so rarely, she said that she is ready to come when she is invited. Tatevik added that she has relatives in Armenia, and that her relationship with her native country is strong.

Arthur Asatryan the producer of “Armenian jazz 70” said that three talented young Armenian jazz singers will have an opportunity to study in Berkley College with the support of “Armenian jazz 70” and the college. (

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