Saturday, 23 May 2009

'Breaking news': Gagik Beglaryan 'started'... blogging

Yerevan mayoral candidate from ruling Republican party Gagik Beglaryan, nicknamed Chorni (Black) Gago, 'started'... blogging. Why so late, I wonder, considering that the elections will be in a week time. Not that we'll be missing much. Most comments so far are in line with "hargeli Gagik Beglaryan duq iroq shat lavneq". (example)


Քաղաքացի said...

Honestly, the blog has very user-unfriendly interface. I think this the subsequent project of pro-regime so-called bloggers (propagandizers).

Onnik Krikorian said...

Would be interesting to know who's behind all of this sudden online activity from HHK and BHK although it has to be said it's a logical move for them.

On the other hand, logical or not -- and no matter how much money they have to throw at things -- if the content isn't there it's all a wast of time anyway.

Of course, some would say it's part of the whole appearance of campaigning, but anyway.

Incidentally, I agree with your comment about the interface. The template used is particularly annoying. Too many columns.

And btw: what's with the b/w pics for the header? Are they envisaging demolishing Yerevan and going back in time if Beglarian becomes mayor?

Քաղաքացի said...

Re: btw

The btw pics in the header are those buildings which they've already collapsed for the development of money-making so-called "elitar" buildings.

nazarian said...

I think the pictures want to say that Beglarian is an old Yerevanci.

Anonymous said...

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artmika said...

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