Monday, 25 May 2009

Film depicting garbage coming out of (Armenian) TV screen - winner of One Minute One Shot film festival in Yerevan

"Television" by Arevik Avanesyan (2009) was named as a winner of One Minute One Shot film festival in Yerevan. The film depicts garbage literally coming out of (Armenian) TV screen.

*For more details of the festival and award winning films at One Minute One Shot - see Hetq Online (in Armenian).


Anonymous said...

brilliant!!! why didn't i think of it?

artmika said...

Such a simple execution of the idea, and so good.

nazarian said...

Why is there so much criticism of TV? No matter what you say, they are going to produce what the audience wants (within their capabilities). Unless you censor it, you can't do much about it. If you censor it, you will have something like what is broadcast in Iran or, God forbid, North Korea.

artmika said...

Nazarian, 'garbage' is inevitable, it's a part of the process, but do not forget that Armenian TV field is way too much under internal and external censorship (slightly better now, but the general trend is there) which is in my opinion one of the reasons of overall poor quality programming.

I do not mind soap operas etc. and I did not like recent morality based attacks towards Public TV and Armenian TV programming in general. However, I do not think that Armenian TVs produce "what the audience wants". Partly - yes, but like everywhere else, the audience is diverse, and they should cater to the whole spectrum of TV viewers. There are exceptions, of course, but these exceptions are too few.

And the field which sucks the most is info/news programming.

Ani said...

Like most brilliant conceptions, this one is a simple and childlike--in fact, it could actually come from a child's literal understanding of someone saying that all Armenian TV is doing is "spewing garbage."

The only thing I would have changed is more slick, bright, shiny, and colorful garbage, preferably orange, red, and yellow, since that's what the shows and commercials seem to favor.

nazarian said...

Artmika, I overlooked the fact that the background audio was a haylur 'news'.

But I am against any kind of censorship on media, or subsidies. Let the audience vote with their eyeballs on which programs deserve to be on air.

As for subsidies... The proponents of such a thing as 'public TV' argue that the taxpayer resources are necessary for promoting quality programming. There is a simple solution to this without actually owning a broadcasting facility. Simply subcontract privately owned producers to create, and privately owned TV stations to bradcast, this high quality content. This might be a little bit of a free market approach but is a perfectly acceptable concept.